Digital Credentialing & Career Path Management Framework

Rewarding users, schools, universities & companies for contributing to the Path

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About Path

Take control of your Path using the Path Protocol.
What if we had a standardized way of issuing and using any experience, education or skill that you possess? Where you have control of your own data & everyone is rewarded for contributing...


Product Features

Simple to Use

Your resume in your hand, certified. Easy for both you & employers. No one can tamper or change this data.

Easily Queried

For a small fee a prospective company to which you've applied for a job can request access to your data, from you.

Straightforward Certification

Either through our web UI or API, adding a certification, or job history to someone's Path couldn't be more simple.

Everyone is Rewarded

From students, to employers, colleges and universities; everyone is rewarded with Path.


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Our Team

The Path team is made up of highly talented individuals across education, technology, blockchain & business.

Ross Jones


Jeremy Thompson


Andrey Leybovich

SVP Engineering

Caleb Thompson

Blockchain Evangelist

Brad Nickel


Chris Willis

Education Advisor - NC State


Digital Credentialing and Career Path Management Framework. Rewarding Users, Schools, Universities & Companies for contributing to the Path.

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